1. Our commitment to our clients

1.1    In order to use the services you must be over 18 years of age.

1.2 All treatments will last for the specified duration purchased i.e. a 60-minute massage will last 60 minutes

  • Treatments will only be conducted if the therapist deems it safe for the client, in some circumstances GP permission may be required.
  1. The Client’s Obligations
  • The client must provide a suitable area for the service to take place.
  • All clients receiving a treatment must sign a medical consent form prior to their first treatment and must inform the Massage Therapist prior to any treatment of any medical changes.

2.3    The client is responsible for ensuring they have made the                     practitioner of any medical conditions/allergies

  1. Payment

3.1 The client will be issued with an invoice that will contain  instructions on how to make a payment.

3.2 If your deposit is not received by the due date, your booking will not be confirmed.

3.4 Full payment must be received the day before your treatment via bank transfer.

3.5 Any changes to the agreed hours/service requested once payment has been made will affect the agreed fee.

  1. Cancellation Policy

4.1 Once a booking has been accepted, cancellations will occur the following charges:

4.2 Cancellations made within less than 48 working hour’s notice will not be charged

4.3 Cancellations made within less than 24 working hours notice will be charged the full rate

4.4Star Touch Therapy has the right to cancel a treatment without notice if the room or environment is unsuitable.

4.5Changes to the agreed hours of your treatment, can be made by giving 3 working days’ notice. Changes made in less time will be at the therapist’s discretion.